How MyKidReports Works?

For directors & owners, MyKidReports simplifies the management of children, parents, teachers, and staff.

3 Steps to Make Your Center Smarter

Step 1: Signup/Register

It is time for you to take the first step towards efficient childcare management by signing up for MyKidReports today.

Step 2: Set-up Your Childcare

It's time to customize the software to perfectly fit your childcare center's unique needs.

Step 3: Manage Center

Your administrative and operational tasks will be streamlined while you focus on providing quality care.

A Step-by-Step Journey to MyKidReports

Get Started: Begin Your Journey

  1. Add at least 3 Rooms: Set up the different areas within your center.
  2. Add Staff Members: Include your team members' details.
  3. Manage Activities: Organize the programs and activities in your center.
  4. Add Children: Register children in your center.

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Setup Your Childcare
  1. Add Children: Enter children's information into the system.
  2. Manage Staff Members: Keep track of your staff by adding their details.
  3. Add More Rooms: Set up and organize different rooms or areas within your childcare center.
  4. Add Family Members: Connect parents and guardians to children's profiles.
  5. Add Activities: Record and manage the activities and programs your center offers.

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Setup Billing
  1. Setup Billing Account: Link payment processors like Stripe and Elavon.
  2. Create Invoices: Generate and send bills to parents.
  3. Get Payments: Collect payments from parents.
  4. Billing Dashboard: Monitor your financial transactions.

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Make Enrollment Easy
  1. Get Quick Status: Check your center's status at a glance on the dashboard.
  2. Add Child Profile with Parents: Create profiles for children and connect them with their parents.
  3. Add Child in Waitlist: Manage waiting lists for admission.
  4. Add Child's Documents: Store and organize important documents.

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Social Media Marketing
  1. Connect Your Social Platforms: Link your center's social media accounts.
  2. Manage from Dashboard: Control your social media posts from one place.
  3. Schedule Posts: Plan and automate your social media posts.
  4. Get Insights: Track and analyze your social media performance.

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Create SEO Tuned Website
  1. Create Your Website: Build a website without coding.
  2. Do SEO: Optimize your website for better visibility on search engines.
  3. Write Blogs: Publish informative content on your website.
  4. Manage your local listing

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Get Complete Software Analytics in One Place
  1. Room Reports: Check-in Information, Real-time Student & Reports
  2. Student Reports: Age, Contacts, Medication, Allergy.
  3. Billing Repor: Payment, Staff Reports, Timecards, Payroll, etc
  4. Payment Transactions: See a list of all payments made.

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Enjoy MyKidReports Key Features

Teacher & Parent App

Staff Management
Billing & Invoices
Child Enrollment
Attendance Tracking
Marketing Automation

MyKidReports is a smart solution for Preschools. It helps me increase my day-to-day productivity by using automated billing, easy online admission, quick communication, and real-time child assessment report. It truly gives me everything I need to manage and increase enrollments.

― Jessica M. Columbus Preschool

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