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Streamline your childcare center enrollment

Manage waitlists, new prospects, collect paperwork, and assign classrooms with automatic workflows.
REPLACES: Excel, Line leader, Google Forms, DocuSign
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Enjolie B.

Director of Endless Opportunity Childcare

Enroll directly from your website

Automatic personalized update emails

Autofill fields like names & emails

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No more Excel sheets! Finally, one dashboard to manage your waitlist, whether you have 1 family or 10,000.
Simplify your enrollment process

  • Manage your admissions digitally without pen and paper
  • Increase enrollment by giving families an easy way to apply online
  • Customize your enrollment contracts and collect signatures digitally

We've got more ways to help

Take your childcare paperless

  • Increase enrollment by giving families an easy way to apply online.
  • Send forms directly to families and notify them via email.
  • Request key documents from families, such as immunization records and birth certificates
  • Create fillable PDFs and forms and share them directly with families
Childcare website

  • Choose beautiful premade forms and create them in minutes.
  • Mobile-responsive website for easy access on any device.
  • Optimized to rank well in search engines.
  • Integrated with MyKidReports' enrollment system.
  • Host your website without needing separate hosting.
Automated Marketing

  • Automate SEO for your center
  • Simplify communication with automated email campaigns
  • Effortlessly track and manage social media for your preschool
  • Advertise on social media and search engines
Enroll more new families with an automated process
Streamline registration with Mykidreports by managing your waitlist.