In no uncertain terms, Our mission statement is

To Streamline Childcare Center Operations & Increase Enrollment.

MyKidReports has the solution that’s right for your center or program, so you can focus on what matters most – the children in your care.

Childcare Solutions Specifically
Designed to Meet the Needs Of
Designed with You in Mind

Administrators & Directors

Manage your program efficiently, from home to center-based, single-site to multi-site.

Teachers and Staff

Managing daily tasks, such as check-ins and activities, as well as messaging with family members, is easy.

Parents and Guardians

Easily set up online payments and stay connected to your child's learning.

Your Day with MyKidReports

We'll make your entire day stress-free, from your first coffee to your last pick-up.

How are we Streamlining the Centers?

We provide everything a Childcare needs to automate daily tasks, increase enrollments & grow rapidly.

Simplify Childcare Regulation Compliance

Integrate state-required forms, such as Medical, Allergy, Immunization, and Physical forms, while maintaining compliance.

Streamline Child Fee Collection

Our system makes it easy for parents to pay fees online, saving time and making sure payments are on time.

Empowering Staff & Schedule Management

Our platform helps staff manage schedules and tasks, so they can focus on caring for children.

Keeping Track of Students’ Activities

We help centers keep track of what children do each day, so parents and staff are always in the loop.

Bridge the Communication Gap

Our system makes it easy for everyone involved in childcare to communicate and share updates.

Increasing Enrolllment with AI Marketing

We use AI to create personalized marketing strategies that attract more families to childcare centers.

The best and fast template page Ive ever come across
The best and fast template page Ive ever come across
The best and fast template page Ive ever come across
The best and fast template page Ive ever come across

What Educators are Saying

Sue B.
Endless opportunities for Children

MyKidReports has been so easy to implement. We began with parent communication and ended with billing. For our school, it has been a tremendous blessing."

Jessica M.
Columbus preschool

Students, parents, and staff can stay connected with MyKidReports. We can easily manage our staff and students with this easy-to-use, cost-effective solution.

Emily G.
Little Star Playschool

Exceptional support and a user-friendly interface! MyKidReports has made my job as a childcare provider much easier. Parents love the real-time progress updates on their kids.

You’re 3 Steps Away From MyKidReports

Register Your Childcare Center

On the sign-up page, enter your daycare's details and login as your Daycare's admin account.

Setup Children / Staff / Classrooms

Now set up your classrooms, children, staff, and parents' information on your given Daycare dashboard.

Easily Track & Manage

Use our built-in smart marketing tools like Email campaigns, social media marketing, SEO, many more to increase enrollments.
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