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MyKidReports  preschool registration software helps Preschools to save-time, increase enrollments & automate preschool tasks by using our innovative technology.
A Smarter Way to Manage Preschool
Billing & Invoices
Billing & Invoices
Managing the financial aspects of a preschool can be a difficult task, but with MyKidReports preschool registration software, handling billing and invoices is now easy. Whether it is generating invoices, tracking payments, sending payment reminders, managing late fees, and maintaining accurate financial records.
Communication Management
This feature gives you the benefits of providing regular updates to parents, sharing progress reports, communicating policies and procedures, and facilitating parent-teacher conferences. Streamline administrative tasks, your preschool's operations with our all-in-one communication management solution.
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Billing & Invoices
Enrollment Management
From streamlined registration forms to real-time availability tracking, our enrollment management software empowers both parents and administrators, ensuring a hassle-free experience that saves time and eliminates paperwork.
Attendance Tracking
Effortlessly monitor and manage attendance with our advanced preschool software, ensuring seamless tracking for teachers and parents alike. Stay informed and in control, saving valuable time and enhancing the overall efficiency of your preschool operations.
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Billing & Invoices
Teacher and Parent App
MyKidReports simplifies information sharing, and enables effortless tracking of your child's progress, also parents and teachers can collaborate and access essential information from their mobile devices. Stay connected, stay informed, and stay involved with our Teacher and Parent App.
Curriculum Management
Streamline and elevate your educational program with ease as you effortlessly organize, monitor, and enhance every aspect of your curriculum. Teachers can deliver engaging lessons, track student progress, and create personalized learning experiences, all within a single platform.
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How MyKidReports is Different From Others?
MyKidReports stands out from other softwares by providing additional important features that are not available on any other software. These unique features facilitate preschool activities' management, making it easier for preschool owners. And those features are as follows:
Better Pricing

MyKidReports offer an affordable price. Each school can be able to afford our preschool management software. Our pricing starts at just $9 a month. It is more low in price as compared to other software which is costly and has limited features.

Website for your preschool

With the integrated website feature, preschool centers can create and customize their own website directly within the MyKidReports platform.
It also provides an integrated enrollment form on the website that you will create. And this will directly bring your enrollment lead into the admin dashboard, where you can manage your enrollment easily.

Market your Preschool With Ease

With MyKidReports, preschool centers can simplify their marketing strategies. Market automation allows you to easily handle every aspect of your marketing tasks, including sending promotional emails and posting on social media to attract new customers. With a single click, you can post images and videos to each of your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites

Why Every Preschool Needs a MyKidReports’s Preschool Registration Software?
Among other features, MyKidReports is an online preschool registration software with an integrated leads insight feature to streamline the enrollment process, automate scheduling, and offer online registration. MyKidReprots is best for:

For Owners & Directors:
Using MyKideeports' fully integrated mobile application, preschool directors and owners can manage everything, from enrollment of children to staff management, and even automate the billing process. Moreover, MyKidReports allows you to build websites and access enrollment leads from your management dashboard.

For parents :
Parents can directly communicate with them at any time they wish, and can monitor their child's activities. The role-based access system of MyKidReports allows parents and relatives to communicate with teachers. Parents can be informed in real-time about their children's activities. This means they will not miss a special moment in their life ever again.

For Teachers:
Teachers have many advantages, they can keep track of each child's progress, activities, health, food intake, and report daily. They can also communicate with parents anytime, and share children's activities with parents.

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What Our Clients Says
MyKidReports is a smart solution for Preschools. It helps me increase my day-to-day productivity by using automated billing, easy online admission, quick communication, and real-time child assessment report. It truly gives me everything I need to manage and increase enrollments.

MyKidReports is a smart solution for Preschools. It helps me increase my day-to-day productivity by using automated billing, easy online admission, quick communication, and real-time child assessment report. It truly gives me everything I need to manage and increase enrollments.

Sue B.
Endless Opportunities for Children

MyKidReports helps students, staff, and parents stay connected with complete transparency. It is easy to use, cost-effective, and has all the smart features we need to easily manage our staff & students.

Truly value for money platform.

Jessica M.
Columbus Preschool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyKiReports preschool management software easy to use, even for someone with limited technical skills?

Yes, our preschool software is designed to be user-friendly and simple, even for someone with limited technical skills.

How much does it cost to be on MyKidreports?

Initially, we give 30 days free trial so that you can access all the features and can make your decision wisely. And after that our initial cost is $9 per month

What kind of support do you offer if I encounter any issues with your management software?

We offer a range of support options, including email support, phone support, and live chat support. Our support team is always available to help you if you encounter any issues or have any questions.

Is MyKidReprots’s app free to use?
Yes, MyKidReports is giving 30 days of free trial at every plan and after that it just starts from $9 per month, and for home daycares which has less than 10 children for them, it is free for lifetime.

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