Eliminate your childcare's tedious administrative work

Playground is child care management software that manages Billing , Attendance , Registration , Communication , Paperwork , Payroll and more for child care programs.

How MyKidReports streamlines communication

Real-time messaging

Communicate instantly with families and staff. Send messages directly from the app or web platform.

Easier staff communication

Enable staff to message families quickly. Offer real-time support to your staff and respond to questions instantly.

SMS alerts & newsletters

Send SMS alerts, reminders, or newsletters. Communicate with an individual family, a whole classroom, or the entire program.

Build quality connections with families and staff

Improve communication with families

  • Connect with families in real-time, keeping them informed and engaged with their child’s learning
  • Enhance your message with attachments like photos, videos, or documents
  • Review and filter all messages sent for easy tracking and management, with options to sort messages by unread or most recent
  • Encourage two-way communication with specific message threads between teachers, administrators, and families

"Parent communication has drastically improved thanks to mykidreports. We’ve seen better communication both from teachers to parents and parents to teachers, which has been so nice to see"

Cally B.

Assistant Director of MBCC Journey in Birmingham, AL

We've got more ways to help

Billing & payments
Send automated invoices, accept online payments, and get paid on time. 90% of preschools report that more families pay on time with mykidreports
Center management
Simplify administrative tasks with mykidreports all-in-one app & save up to 20 hours per month. Stay compliant with digital check-ins, health checks, and room ratio tracking.
Experience Curriculum
Upgrade to get Experience Curriculum: A complete, easy-to-implement curriculum system with digital lessons in mykidreports and hands-on learning materials mailed to you.

Frequently asked questions

What is childcare communication app?
Our childcare communication app is a type of software that allows parents, guardians, and childcare providers to communicate and share information about a child's care and development. It can include features such as messaging, photo sharing, progress tracking, and scheduling.
Who uses childcare communication software?
Our childcare communication software is used by parents, guardians, and childcare providers who want to stay informed about a child's care and development. It is typically used in daycare centers, preschools, and other childcare settings.
Is childcare communication software secure?
Our childcare communication software should be designed with security and privacy in mind. Look for software that uses encryption to protect sensitive data and has secure login procedures.
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