Kangarootime Pricing (Costing)

Kangarootime is software for childcare centers that offers features such as automated payments and billing, a digital classroom, a parent communication tool, and more.

There is a free trial offer offered by Kangarootime, and its pricing starts at $100 per month. However, the pricing of the product may vary depending on the number of features, the number of integrations, and the number of users. It has also been reported in some other sources that Kangarootime offers a basic plan for $8 per class, or that it offers a custom plan for customers based on their requirements.

First, what are your needs?

When choosing childcare software for your preschool, consider what your preschool needs. If you're planning just a few tests each month or want to improve a couple of things, you might not need fancy software. But if you have many tests or they're quite complex, powerful software like MyKidReports could be useful.

Also, think about whether you want to personalize your preschool's website. If you're new to testing, focus on that first before thinking about personalization. Big preschools with lots of kids might benefit from software like MyKidReports, which offers advanced features.

If you're unsure, don't worry. We're here to help you decide. We've helped other schools like yours find the right software. Feel free to ask us for help choosing the best software for your preschool.

What are the alternatives to Kangarootime?

Looking for alternatives to 
Kangarootime? Let me introduce you to MyKidReports, the perfect tool for your needs.

MyKidReports offers a comprehensive suite of suite of features designed to cater to your childcare management needs. From attendance tracking and daily reports to seamless communication with parents, MyKidReports streamlines the entire process. Its user-friendly interface ensures that you can effortlessly manage your preschool's operations without any hassle.

What will you get with MyKidReports?
MyKidReports VS. Kangarootime Comparison Chart
Billing & Invoices

Communication Management

Enrollment Management

Attendance Tracking

Teacher and Parent App

Live Phone and Chat Support

Lead Management and Insights

Curriculum Management

Check-In & check-out


Staff Scheduling

Mobile App Payments

Marketing Automation

Directory Listing

In-Home Daycare

Your Preschool’s Website

Parent Portal

Calendar Management

Meal Nutrition Management

Unlimited Staff Members

Waitlist Management

MyKidReports Key features

1. Teacher & Parent App:
This feature refers to a mobile application designed for both teachers and parents. It serves as a platform for communication and collaboration between teachers and parents. Teachers can use the app to share updates, announcements, and important information about students' progress and activities. 

2. Marketing Tools:
Marketing tools encompass various strategies and resources that help promote a preschool or childcare center's services. This could involve activities like social media advertising, email marketing campaigns, creating promotional materials, and other initiatives aimed at attracting new families and building brand awareness.

3. Billing & Invoices:
This feature automates the process of generating invoices for tuition and other fees associated with preschool services. It helps in accurately calculating and presenting charges to parents. It may also include features to track payments, send payment reminders, manage late fees, and maintain a clear record of financial transactions.

4. Attendance Tracking:
Attendance tracking involves monitoring and recording the attendance of children at the preschool. This feature helps in keeping accurate records of when children arrive and depart from the center. It's essential for ensuring the safety of children and maintaining proper staff-to-child ratios.

5. Daily Activity Reports:
Daily activity reports provide parents with insights into their child's daily experiences at the preschool. These reports may include information about meals, naps, educational activities, playtime, and any notable events that occurred during the day.

6. Staff Management:

Staff management tools aid in overseeing the personnel working at the preschool. This could involve features for scheduling shifts, tracking staff attendance, managing certifications and qualifications, and facilitating communication among staff members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your billing software hosted in the cloud or on your premises?

Our billing software operates in the cloud, enabling access from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates concerns about server maintenance or self-installing software.

What exactly is a teacher-parent app?

A teacher-parent app is a digital application designed to enhance communication and collaboration between teachers and parents. This platform typically incorporates functionalities like messaging, monitoring progress, scheduling, and sending event reminders to facilitate efficient interaction.

Can I establish automated payments through your billing software?

Absolutely, our billing software accommodates automated payment setups for parents or guardians. This simplifies invoice settlement, offering a seamless way to manage payments without manual initiation.

What measures can I take to guarantee the security of confidential data?

To ensure the safeguarding of sensitive information, our childcare enrollment software encompasses secure data storage capabilities. This entails encrypted databases and user authentication protocols, effectively shielding confidential data such as medical records and billing details.

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