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What will you get with MyKidReports
With MyKidReports, you gain access to a myriad of invaluable features for your preschool, Prioritizing User-Friendliness, Swift Setup, Exceptional Support, and Product Enhancement.
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Billing & Invoices

Communication Management

Enrollment Management

Attendance Tracking

Teacher and Parent App

Live Phone and Chat Support

Lead Management and Insights

Curriculum Management

Check-In & check-out


Staff Scheduling

Mobile App Payments

Marketing Automation

Directory Listing

In-Home Daycare

Your Preschool’s Website

Free Templates

Parent Portal

Calendar Management

Meal Nutrition Management

Unlimited Staff Members

Waitlist Management

MyKidReports Key features

1. Teacher & Parent App:
The Teacher & Parent App is a user-friendly mobile application designed to facilitate seamless communication between teachers and parents. Teachers can use the app to share updates, photos, and important information about a child's progress, activities, and events at the childcare center. Parents can stay connected and engaged with their child's daily experiences, helping them feel more involved in their child's early education journey.
2. Marketing Tools:
The Marketing Tools feature equips your childcare center with a range of resources to promote your services and attract new families. These tools might include customizable templates for flyers, brochures, and online advertisements. By effectively showcasing your center's unique offerings and strengths, you can reach a wider audience and communicate your value to potential parents.
3. Billing & Invoices:
Streamline financial operations with the Billing & Invoices feature. This tool enables the automated creation and management of invoices for parents. It allows you to accurately track fees, payments, and due dates, making the billing process more efficient and reducing the likelihood of errors.
4. Attendance Tracking:
Efficiently monitor attendance with the Attendance Tracking feature. This tool enables teachers and administrators to log children's arrivals and departures digitally. It provides an organized way to keep track of attendance records, enhancing safety protocols and facilitating communication with parents about their child's daily schedule.
5. Daily Activity Reports:
The Daily Activity Reports feature allows teachers to document and share the day's activities, meals, naps, and other key events with parents. These reports offer valuable insights into a child's routine and experiences, fostering transparency and trust between parents and caregivers.
6. Staff Management:
The Staff Management feature supports efficient scheduling and coordination of your childcare center's workforce. It helps administrators assign shifts, manage leave requests, and track staff performance. This contributes to a smoothly operating center and a well-supported team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a teacher-parent app on my mobile device?

Certainly, you can utilize the teacher-parent app on your mobile device. MyKidReports offers dedicated apps for both Android and iOS platforms, allowing you to easily download and use them on your smartphones and tablets.

How does the waitlist management feature work?

The waitlist management feature empowers providers to effectively oversee their waitlist. It operates by automatically sending notifications to parents when a spot opens up, ensuring transparency and timely communication. Additionally, this feature offers tools to monitor waitlist dynamics and prioritize enrollments, streamlining the entire process.

Are marketing automation tools easy to use for preschools?

Absolutely, marketing automation tools are designed with preschools in mind, ensuring ease of use. Our tools are intuitively designed, making them accessible even for individuals with minimal technical or marketing background. If you're uncertain, you can also schedule a demonstration with us, and we'll guide you through the process to showcase how they work.

Is there a limit to the number of messages I can send to my child's teacher?

There are no restrictions on the number of messages you can send to your child's teacher. We actively encourage open and regular communication to ensure that all parties are well-informed about your child's progress and overall welfare.

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