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Preschool Directors
An all-in-one childcare app simplifies tasks such as staff management, classroom organization,
parent communication, and report generation.

It Makes Operating Your Childcare a Breeze!

We get your unique business requirements and allow you to tailor the school management software to fit your needs perfectly.

Streamlined Administration

Childcare software automates administrative tasks such as attendance tracking, scheduling, billing, and invoicing, saving directors time and reducing paperwork.

Preschool Marketing at Automation

Attract prospective families and highlight your preschool's strengths with ease using our platform's automated marketing features, including email campaigns and social media scheduling.

Compliance and Documentation

MykidReports helps directors maintain accurate records and documentation required for licensing, accreditation, and regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of non-compliance and ensuring a smooth audit process.

Streamline Center Management and Operations

Stay on top of your center's operations with center updates, allowing you to manage check-in and check-out, teacher-child ratios, and more.

Steps to Make Your Center Smarter


It is time for you to take the first step towards efficient childcare management by signing up for MyKidReports today.

Setup Your Childcare

It's time to customize the software to perfectly fit your childcare center's unique needs.

Manage Center

Your administrative and operational tasks will be streamlined while you focus on providing quality care.
Enjoy MyKidReports Key Features

Gain the Acknowledgement Your Childcare Facility Deserves

Efficient Parent Communication

Connect easily with parents, building strong parent-teacher relationships and fostering trust.

Streamlined Collaboration

Empower your staff by simplifying tasks and reducing time-consuming planning processes, allowing them to focus more on the children.

Improved Learning

Offer a comprehensive educational experience for your children using our platform, enriching their learning journey.

What Other Directors are Saying

Sophie R.

"MyKidReports has completely transformed how I manage my daycare. The progress tracking and billing features are game-changers, making everything seamless!"

Mark A.

"As a preschool owner, I can't imagine running my business without MyKidReports. The role-based access ensures security, and the provided tools simplify administrative tasks."

Emily G.

"Exceptional support and a user-friendly interface! MyKidReports has made my job as a childcare provider much easier. Parents love the real-time progress updates on their kids."

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